What is Opus?

Opus is a new audio codec which is completely open and sounds better than regular AAC or MP3.


Google, Skype and other big names have already adopted Opus and many more are coming soon. Having been fully ratified by the IETF, Opus represents the future on online audio across mobile and the web.


You only have to listen for yourself to hear how Opus performs. Compared to MP3 and AAC-LC, Opus sounds superior in every way and is constantly being improved and updated by some of the best brains in the field.


Opus has been designed to perform extremely well at very low bitrates when used for real-time communication. For your radio station, this means better-than-broadcast sound using much less data (with lower streaming costs!)


Because Opus uses less data (in some cases 75% less), your mobile listeners can listen longer without fear of busting their data cap while enjoying higher reliability in the face of almost any network condition.


Unlike most other audio codecs, the development of Opus is open and ongoing. You can expect to hear increasing quality and see new features being added to Opus including surround sound, and lower latency.


You're reading this correctly. Opus is fully HTML5 compliant and is the only audio codec in it's class to be officially included in the mobile web's most important development. Now your audience can reach your streams anywhere!









Live Radio streaming + HTML5 = Finally

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The world's first enterprise class Opus encoder. Built for radio by radio people.

Opus Quality

Xeocoder brings the high quality sound of Opus with full control over every parameter in a single, beautiful interface. With multiple stream encoders in each application, you’re free to broadcast streams with different settings to compare the quality and decide on the stream best for your station.

Professional Grade

Integrate Opus streaming directly with your Automation system with PADsync’s metadata translators for professional automation systems such as RCS MCXV and Zetta, BSI Simian, Dalet and more. Xeocoder handles everything with industry grade reliability.

Stay Ahead

With Google, Skype and other big names adopting Opus, it’s certainly not a crazy idea to be ready! Xeocoder is the only quality software package to take the pain out of streaming live with Opus directly to Icecast servers. Take our 7 day trial for yourself to see how easy it is.

No duct tape. No Hassle.

Absolutely the easiest way to stream online with Opus !



Standard or Pro. Single or Bundle.


XeoCoder comes with hassle-free buying options with Standard and Pro licenses available. First, download the Trial version here, take it for a seven day test drive, then buy your license here.

Secure checkout is via PayPal with Credit/Debit card options!

Support & FAQ

This are what some things yes, good for you happy experience.


“Pretty much everything you need to know about Xeocoder.”

And some interesting stuff about trains.

Xeocoder is a dedicated desktop application to stream live audio using the new Opus codec. With Xeocoder, you are able to stream live Opus streams to any icecast server or other Opus ready streaming platform as and when they become available.

Xeocoder has been built to support all major desktop environments. Specifically, it has been tested and verified on:

• Windows XP
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7

Would you like OSX support? Do let us know! We’re thinking about it.

If your hardware is able to run any of the operating systems listed, then you should be good to go. We do however recommend that your machine meets at least the minimum specifications for smooth operation.

• Intel CPU and Chipsets
• Core i3 minimum recommended
• RAM 512MB minimum recommended.

Most sound cards should work just fine – but if you do encounter any issues, just drop us a line!

RTLM. Read the lovely manual. Lincoln spent quite some time making it look pretty.
You can find the manuals in the “Download Manuals” section of this page (see how easy it is?)

You’ll need to grab the latest beta version of Icecast from here: http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/icecast/icecast-2.4-beta3.tar.gz
Opus is rather, well, very bleeding-edge – as more and more servers support Opus we’ll add them here!
If you’re a total and utter noob (i.e. a normal human) and need help with getting everything compiled, the manual has details!

Now that Opus is a bona-fide standard for the open web (now mandatory for WebRTC implementations), you’ll start seeing it enter more and more browsers and applications in the near future.

• Firefox
• Chrome
• Safari (coming soon)

• Winamp
• Foobar2000

• Rockbox

The “PAD” bit stands for “Programme Associated Data”. This is the information about the songs playing on your live stream such as the artist, title and other information which is sent together with the audio information. All of this comes from your automation system, and PADSync is there to make sure it reaches your Xeocoder. Then it’s off to your audience! 

There are a number of ways to get metadata to your players, but keeping them in sync is vital. PADSync helps you to update the song title and artist in real time, so your audience knows exactly what’s playing at the precise moment it plays. More importantly, professionals rely on synchronised metadata to do cool things like trigger display ads, alter application behaviour and also deliver targeted audio advertising in real-time.

Quite a few! Currently:

• RCS Zetta™
• BE AudioVault Flex
• Simian
• Station Playlist Studio Pro
• Dalet


Wait – yes. Yes it is, if your operating system is

• Windows XP
• Windows Vista
• Windows 7

Not Really. PADSync doesn’t use much in terms of resources, but you DO need a network connection which can “see” your automation system’s PAD output.

The good old manual. Everything should be in there – but if we’ve missed a bit, contact us!

You can purchase Xeocoder and PADSync right here on our website. Much easier than wading through the crowds at your local corner EncoderMart.

Our online store offers both PayPal™ and Credit Card payment options (via PayPal™). No, we don’t do Bitcoin yet.

You can purchase Xeocoder in bundles of 3 or 5. If you’re purchasing more in one shot – let us know!

Each purchase of Xeocoder entitles you to use it as often and as long as you want. Depending on your license, you may be able to only run a single instance of Xeocoder. However, bundle purchases will allow you to install Xeocoder on multiple machines or multiple instances on single machines.

Install, run, enjoy. Read the manual if you need help :)

Short answer is no. But we do give you an entire week to test Xeocoder which is plenty of time to work out if it works for you or not.

XeoCoder User Guides and Manuals


Xeocoder User Manual


PADSync for Playlist Studio





And you thought we were kidding.

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